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greek dowries
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994
From: David Meadows
Subject: Greek Dowries

Since we're all in such a bibliohappy mood today, perhaps some kind souls can help be track down articles, monographs, decent chapters on Greek dowries (Athenian, Hellenistic, and otherwise). I have a number of things here (standards like Harrison and Vatin), but they seem to skirt issues (or should that be peplossing the issues) which I am interested in, namely, how much control a woman had over her dowry during marriage (e.g. what if the husband was managing it badly? Could she take it back? On Crete she seems to have been able to). Also, what about at the conclusion of marriage? We all know that it was returned to her father/kyrios, but what if that dowry contained slaves or other chattels? What if the husband had freed or sold same? And while we're at it, if anyone can explain the Greek concept of ownership to me I'd be eternally grateful. Is it just me or were the Greeks kind of flakey in this regard?

From: Daniel Curley
Subject: Re: Greek Dowries

This isn't going to be much help, since it's off the top of my head: Sarah Pomeroy wrote an article a few years back about "Public Charities" for Greek women; among these charities were dowries. I'll try to track this reference down, unless someone else supplies it first. See also Pomeroy's _Goddesses..._ book for some general info.

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994
From: Tim Parkin
Subject: Re: Greek Dowries

Some important discussion on the subject in Mark Golden's *Childhood in Classical Athens* (Johns Hopkins, 1990), esp. pp.132ff. And of course there's David Schaps' *Economic Rights of Women in Ancient Greece* (Edinburgh, 1979), with a detailed chapter on dowry.

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994
Subject: Re: Greek Dowries

The Pomeroy article that Dan Curley just mentioned is "Charities for Greek Women," _Mnemosyne_35 (1982) 115-35.
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