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January 22-February 2, 2003
As often when we're on the cusp of a couple of months, some stations (i.e. the A&E/HISTU conglomerate) have not updated their listings sufficiently. Please consult your local listings for the weekend's offerings. These listings should be updated every Sunday evening but sometimes the ftp divinities defy. If these listings seem out of date, first try refreshing your browser and if that doesn't work, please check out the archives of the email version at

Monday, January 27
2.30 p.m. DCIVC Meet The Ancestors: Living with the Ancestors
dna (description not available)
6.30 p.m. DCIVD Living Stones: Hatchepsout
7.00 p.m. DCIVU Building the Dream
"Travel from Rome to Byzantium and listen to the stories of Byzantium's beginnings, the change from the classical pagan world to a Christian one, the people, architecture and sculpture. " (repeat Jan. 31@ 7.00 p.m.; Feb. 1 @ 1.00 p.m.)
8.00 p.m. DCIVU Secrets of the Colosseum
"Visit the ruins of this massive triumph of Roman building and engineering for clues to its ingenious design. Built in a remarkably short span of 10 years, the structure combined travertine stone, iron, concrete, brick and lava rocks from nearby Vesuvius." (repeat Jan. 28@3.00 p.m.)
8.00 p.m. DCIVC Saving the Sphinx
9.00 p.m. DCIVU Mazes and Labyrinths
"Mankind has long been fascinated with the challenge and meaning behind intricate puzzles. Labyrinths offered security systems for Egyptian pyramids, beauty for English garden mazes and adventure for twentieth century computer games. " (repeat Jan 28 @ 4.00 p.m.)
10.00 p.m. DCIVU Mystery of the Parthenon
"Mankind has long been fascinated with the challenge and meaning behind intricate puzzles. Labyrinths offered security systems for Egyptian pyramids, beauty for English garden mazes and adventure for twentieth century computer games. " (repeat Jan. 28 @ 5.00 p.m.)
10.00 p.m. DCIVC Gladiators - The Brutal Truth
dna (but all the programming in this timeslot this week on DCIVC was on DCIVU last week)
Tuesday, January 28
2.30 p.m. DCIVC Ancient Clues: In Search of Warrior Women
6.30 p.m. DCIVC Living Stones: Palmyre
6.00 p.m. DCIVU Legions of Conquest
"Mankind has long been fascinated with the challenge and meaning behind intricate puzzles. Labyrinths offered security systems for Egyptian pyramids, beauty for English garden mazes and adventure for twentieth century computer games. " (
7.00 p.m. DCIVU Heaven on Earth
"Examine the period of Iconoclasm, when lethal debates concerning sacred images were conducted inside Byzantium. Discover the story behind the rise of Islam and the Arabs. "
7.00 p.m. HINT Bible's Greatest Secrets
"In the Holy Land, specialized archaeologists sift through the living sands to uncover vanished civilizations. We'll trace biblical archaeology's history and profile some of its prominent figures like the eccentric professor who had his head preserved for posterity, and a husband and wife team."
8.00 p.m. DCIVU Mummies: Into the Afterlife
"The "curses" of the Egyptian mummies may be cures for modern disease. Studying the organs of the ancients allows scientists to locate disease, and to fight modern diseases by identifying their cores. " (repeat Jan 29@3.00 p.m.)
9.00 p.m. DCIVU Mummies: Deities and Demons
"In ancient Egypt only priests and pharaohs were allowed to enter temples of the gods, but even common people could communicate with the gods during festivals, when the gods were paraded through the streets. " (repeat Jan. 29@4.00 p.m.)
10.00 p.m. DCIVU Pyramids: Resurrection Machines
"Pyramids and surrounding structures are evidence of a sophisticated belief system that includes fallen pharaohs taking an elaborate journey to the afterlife. Recent discoveries in Egypt's Valley of the Kings offer evidence of these beliefs and practices. " (repeat Jan. 29@5.00 p.m.)
10.00 p.m. DCIVC Gladiator Games: The Roman Bloodsport
10.00 p.m. HISTC Great Pyramid: Gateway to the Stars
"Have Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert solved one of the world’s oldest and most perplexing enigmas? " [etc.]
Wednesday, January 29
2.30 p.m. DCIVC Meet The Ancestors: Princess of the City
3.30 p.m. DCIVC Archaeology: Cave Beneath the Sea
6.30 p.m. DCIVC Living Stones: Carthage
6.00 p.m. DCIVU Seduction of Power
"Trace the evolution of Roman politics from the world's first representative government through the lives of Gracchi, Julius Caesar, Nero, and Septimius Severus, and into a tumultuous and theatrical display of power over substance. "
7.00 p.m. DCIVU Envy of the World
"Visit the marvelous material culture of medieval Byzantium--including everything from ivory and silk to blue fish sauce and golden bezants. Also, discover how this fabulously rich city was almost destroyed. "
7.00 p.m. HINT Death Cult of the Incas
"The Catholic conquistadors who conquered the Incas received many cultural shocks--particularly the Inca cult of the dead. We'll journey back to discover why the Incas held lavish banquets with mummified ancestors, sought their advice, and built lavish estates in their honor."
10.00 p.m. DCIVC The True Story of the Roman Arena
Thursday, January 30
2.30 p.m. DCIVC Ancient Clues: The Mummy's Curse
6.30 p.m. DCIVC Living Stones: Petra
6.00 p.m. DCIVU The Grasp of Empire
"Rome's legacy of trade, roads and architectural and psychological infrastructure relied on a fragile alliance of slaves, peasants and the provincial. The glory years of the Roman conquest led to the longest period of peace the world has ever known. "
7.00 p.m. DCIVU Forever and Ever
"Witness Byzantium's end and a cast of characters ranging from tsars to sultans. Observe the continued influence and survival of Byzantium--among the most influential cultures in world history. "
7.00 p.m. DCIVC Meet the Ancestors: Forgotten Battle
7.00 p.m. HINT Greatest Pharoahs I
"A chronicle of the legendary rulers of ancient Egypt and the immense monuments they built to their own greatness. Their wonders include the Great Pyramid of Giza, the temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the treasures of King Tut. "
9.00 p.m. TLC Mysteries of Stonehenge
"Experts believe that Stonehenge took half a millennium to bring to completion. It required the ingenuity to transport the heavy stones over land and sea for hundreds of miles without our modern tools and equipment. Explore how and why it was constructed. "
10.00 p.m. TLC Archaeological Mysteries
"Take a journey far back in time to explore some of the world's greatest archaeological mysteries including remnants of a floating stone city in Micronesia, sandstone dwellings in canyon cliffs in New Mexico and huge patterned lines in the Nazca desert. "
10.00 p.m. DCIVC Secrets of the Colosseum
Friday, January 31
2.30 p.m. DCIVC Meet The Ancestors: Treasures of the Dark Age
3.30 p.m. DCIVC Archaeology: Mysteries Easter Island
6.00 p.m. DCIVU The Cult of Order
"Roman culture still weaves influence through western art, architecture, medicine and urban planning. This enormous empire was a reflection of the multicultural world it encompassed as excellence gave way to excess and decline. "
6.30 p.m. DCIVC Living Stones: Petra
7.30 p.m. NGU Downtown Mummies
"In the heart of Lima, Peru’s wealthy financial district, a pyramid has survived for more than 2000 years. Discover what’s inside the bundle wrappings of this pyramid and learn about the Fardos’ culture."
7.00 p.m. HINT Augustus: First of the Emperors
"Story of the bloodthirsty leader who was also one of the most able statesmen in world history. His rule launched the "Pax Romana" (Roman Peace) that marked the high point of the empire. "
7.00 p.m. BIOG Kings & Queens: The Royal Magic Returns: Charles II (1660-1685)
"Within two years of Oliver Cromwell's death, Charles Stuart was called back from exile by the very nation that sanctioned his father's execution. Fortunately, the 30-year-old Charles II was a man of the people and clever enough to recognize that after 12 years of the Protectorate, the English people wanted a return to the splendor of the monarchy. But the iconic event of his reign was his deathbed conversion to Catholicism that ultimately provoked the second English revolution in less than a century."
7.30 p.m. BIOG Kings & Queens: The Patriot King: George III
"The long reign of George III saw Britain withstand Napoleon and French domination, yet her naval prowess could not prevent the loss of the American colonies. This was the greatest stigma of his reign, with territorial and colonial concerns replacing religion as the monarchy's greatest challenges. But George III faced health problems as well; he inherited porphyria, which ultimately rendered him insane. And the Act of Union with Ireland in 1800 sowed the seeds for the continuing Irish dissent. "
8.00 p.m. A&E The Great Pharaoh and His Lost Children
"Join us on an historical mystery tour back to Egypt's New Kingdom and the era of Ramesses the Great to solve the puzzle of his missing children. We learn of his dedication to his family at his funerary temple, the magnificent Ramesseum, where we see how he depicted his children on various temple walls and reliefs. Then, Dr. Kent Weeks takes us through the mysterious and long-forgotten KV5, the tomb of several of Ramesses' sons, which proves to be ancient Egypt's greatest family mausoleum."
8.00 p.m. DCIVC Lost Tombs Of Peru
8.00 p.m. HINT Attila: Scourge of God
"Bloodthirsty barbarian or benevolent ruler? Our profile portrays Attila the Hun as he really was: shrewd, tough, and at times even thoughtful. A man who, through intelligence and sheer force of character, forged a loose confederation of nomadic tribes into the most fearsome military machine of its time."
10.00 p.m. DCIVC Hidden History of Rome with Terry Jones
Sunday, February 2
1.00 p.m. NGU Mummy Road Show
Beginning at 1.00 p.m. there are four episodes of MRS, but none of them appear to deal with ancient mummies (I might be wrong).

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