... to the latest incarnation of the Atrium, your portal to the worlds of Greece and Rome. Although we're permanently under construction, you can still get an idea of what's currently available below.


The traditional sort of thing when you think of a 'portal', with sections devoted to texts, history, etc.; currently under construction.

Newsletters and Blogs

As part of our ongoing missionary efforts to proselytize the Worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome, we have a number of blogs (chief among which is our flagship rogueclassicism) and newsletters (including Explorator and our Ancient World on Television listings). ... more

This Day in Ancient History

The permanent archive for the daily feature of the same name; currently under construction.


Summaries/collations of news items related to Ancient Greece, Rome, and environs; currently under construction.


Sometimes when you're looking for information on the internet, all you really are looking for is a list. Hopefully you'll find some of mine to be useful. ... more

Golden Threads

Edited versions of some really useful online conversations which have appeared in various discussion groups; currently under construction but for now we'll link to an older version.

Atrium Latin

The information pages for our online Latin courses (using Wheelock and in conjunction with the LatinStudy groups). We offer a couple of (free) courses each year. ... more

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