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classical greek children
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994
From: John Younger
Subject: Classical Greek children

I'm writing an article on the child in the central, peplos-folding scene on the Parthenon East frieze, mostly from a technical angle, but I've rather quickly gotten involved in constructionism: Classical Greek gender construction of children and just plain Classical Greek construction of children. Anybody out there know of something to read on Classical Greek children?

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994
From: David Meadows
Subject: Re: Classical Greek children

The obvious starting point is M. Golden, *Children and Childhood in Classical Athens* who has a brief mention of this on p. 44; Golden has also written a number of articles on Children in the ancient world [at the recent CAC he delivered a paper on baby talk -- a subject which was maligned on this list previously [not by me]]

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994
From: David Sider
Subject: RE: Classical Greek children

There was some discussion of this scene on the frieze at the Princeton conference on the Panathenaia. Evelyn Harrison and others were debating who the children were (mythological or present-day Athenians) and whether they were folding the peplos or unfolding it. There is a review of the conference in a recent BMCR.

From: Catherine Rubincam
Subject: Re: Classical Greek children
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994

Mark Golden of the University of Winnipeg (515 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3B 2E9, Canada) would be an obvious person to contact. He wrote a book on children in ancient Athens, and has also produced a number of articles on the subject, such as "Did the ancients care when their children died?", G&R;35.2 (1988) 152-163.

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 08:00:55
Subject: Children in Athens

Here's a recent bit of bibliography on the topic: Daniel J. Geagan, "Children in Athenian Dedicatory Monuments," in *Boeotia Antiqua* IV. *Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Boiotian Antiquities. Boiotian (and Other) Epigraphy,* ed. John M. Fossey, McGill University Monographs in Classical Archaeology and History 15 (Amsterdam: Gieben, 1994) 163-173.
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