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golden threads
clouds translations
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993
From: Patrick Rourke
Subject: Clouds translation

I don't know that Henderson has actually published a *Clouds* yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does. He's doing his translations for Focus, and from 1) what I've seen of them (precious little) 2) what I know of Focus, they're probably more literal, less theatrical, less literary and better annotated than Arrowsmith's. Methuen also has a two volume set of A (which is terrible, IMHO); and the Rogers is still in print. By the way, is there a modern commentary on the THESMO?

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993
From: Richard Diamond
Subject: Re: Clouds translation

In my opinion, the best translation of the Clouds is that of Profs. Grace and Tom West. Their translation is the most literal, without question, of those available without being difficult to read. (I think Rogers' rhyming translations are abominable in both readability and accuracy -- IMHO). Best of all, it's incredibly cheap. I think full retail on it is only about $7 or so. It comes with Plato's Apology, Crito, and Euthyphro as a bonus. The only real difficulty I could see in using it in a large humanities class is that all the jokes are in the footnotes. But, then again, if the jokes are not in the footnotes, they're the translator's and not Aristophanes'. Second best, I think, is that of Alan Sommerstein. It's less literal, but comes full of notes and with a facing Greek text. The book is expensive ($25 softcover), and badly printed; the Greek side is in typescript! Sommerstein did six of the other plays as well. Prof. Henderson has only done the Acharnians and Lysistrata, and the former was published in 1992, so it is not too likely that a Clouds has been published yet.

> By the way, is there a modern commentary on the THESMO?

There is a Bryn Mawr commentary by Joseph Gannon, and he printed up on his own about forty pages of supplementary notes dealing mainly with variant readings. These notes are in Latin.

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993
From: Michael Halleran
Subject: Re: Clouds translation

At the risk of being accused of having a conflict of interest (I'm an Advisory Editor for Focus), I'd like to say that Henderson's translation of *Clouds* is well annotated, more literal than some others, but also very lively and readable (even performable). He's also done *Lysistrata* and *Acharnians* for Focus.

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993
From: Lowell Edmunds
Subject: Re: *Clouds* translation

In response to Will Porter's query about Jeff Henderson's trans. of CLOUDS: it was pub. by Focus Classical Library, PO Box 369, Newburyport MA 01

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993
From: Lowell Edmunds
Subject: Re: Clouds translation

As I remember, Alan Soommerstein's Penguin trans. of CLOUDS is not the same as the one he did for the abominably expense Aris and Phillips series in its equally abominable veste grafica. There are two, in other words. I would use Henderson's or Sommerstein's Penguin AND Henderson. One of my most successful assignments in a classics-in-trans. course was a comparison of three translations of CLOUDS. Arrowsmith's was one of them, and the students liked it least.
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