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march 31, 2001
Okay ... I know that was a rather long break. I got to thinking that as long as I had to change a zillion urls, I might as well change the way the site looks and works. Deo volente I should be able to get stuff up every weekend. This weekend will have the new home page and all the things on the sidebar over there. The Ancient World on Television will also be updated.

january 5, 2001
The pages begin to go up ... we've got our new main page and the Ancient World on Television listings are up (note to self: do something different with the urls next month). This Day in Ancient History has some 'place holder' pages which will be replaced over the next couple of days (plenty of urls to fiddle with in that section). On a whim, I've also adjusted some of the graphics and banners ... More to come over the next few days; I'm pretty bug-eyed right now.

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